We will create the best possible interactive multimedia experience for your customers.
Adapted to your target audience, your budget and your aims.
Customized to your particular needs and corporate image and values.

Video gathers all the attention.

Withing the web presence, the current audivisual revolution provides:

» An increasing power of video for commuticating, persuading and driving emotions.
» New channels and ways of delivering audiovisual content.
» Audiences used to our digital environment and interactivity.

[quote]Every object, character, place or song on a video can launch individual interactive experiences.

The next way of communication is here.[/quote]

Interactive multimedia in a common container.

The power of video is enhanced with the inclusion of a complete interactive system.

A leading system for transmedia storytelling, non-intrusive advertising, training…
including a complete set of tools for tracking and usage statistics.

[learn_more caption=”Any kind of content …”]Documentaries, Corporate Presentations, Educational content, Commercials,TV Shows, Short films and movies, Realities and quiz shows…[/learn_more]
[learn_more caption=”can all be enriched with …”] linked apps, additional information, product placement, shopping carts, forms, links, social networks.[/learn_more]

Your videos beyond image and sound.

Vidactio developped in 2009, with the initial support of Vicomtech-IK4 and Bizkaia Government a powerful platform for turning your videos into interactive experiences that users like to use. Since then, we work for incorporating the most efficient technologies. We also word with other solutions (open source and propietary) to develop your strategy.

The process covers, among other things:

»Interaction planning : we plan together the points that will launch a response.
»We process the video to track the movements of those clicable objects.
» We design a personalised UI according to your requirements.
» We develop the responses that must follow the users’ actions.

And if you have not incorporated video in your online presence yet, please ask us.. We rely on the best collaborators to make it possible.

The vanguard of audiovisual experience

The cost of every project is calculated according to:

» Lenght of the videos to turn interactive.
» Number of active points: objets, apparel, characters, places, fourniture …
» Kind of interactivity to be included: forms, shopping carts, extra layers…

Do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll send you a budget without obligation.

You can take a look at some examples of interactive video at the here

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