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Interactivity in esoterism and mistery videos

31 / Jul / 2012

Recently, a video published on youtube and vimeo has become viral in some blogs and networks keen on mistery, esoterism, ocultism and similar knowledge.

The video, “I, Pet Goat II” is a 7 minute piece of hypnotic images that shows, in a dark environment, a parade of characters and symbols and recent historical events that has been as honey for bees (bees are people devoted to mistery, conspirational theories truth-searchers…. maybe all of us in some way)

This short piece is the ideal candidate, both due to its virality among some blogs, and to the numerous symbols that appear along the video: goats, numbers, icons from differente religions, known characters like Bush or Obama or Bin-Laden…

By adding interactivity, you could just let the viewer watch the video or activate additional information to explain all those symbols and references taht appear on screen. Some elements could be highlighted, some scenes could be further explained…

We do not know yet if the video is an experiment to see the different interpretations given to it or if it is an advertising campaign that uses the need of truth that we have as humans (and the excess of information and sometimes lack of truth we find in our world). Whatever it is, it’s a nice piece of art. And a perfect candidate for being enriched (or enlightened ;) with interactivity and additional content.

Here’s an interview with the director, Louis Lefebvre, in case you want to find out more.

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