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Optimism in “Emprende 2011”

15 / Sep / 2011

Basque Government, through its public society SPRI has organized the second edition of a local event for entrepreneurs:  Emprende2011 :

The Basque Governement has a deep commitment for boosting entrepreneurship and bets on creating sinergies, share efforts and support the common interest of entreprenueurs.


During History, el País Vasco has been an entreprenerial region.  Nowadays, the wellness society does not favorize the best environment for sacrifice, effort and hard work. Maybe it should be called the confort society.  And confort does not always mean wellness or happiness.  Local administrations know that it is critical to support the creation of businesses and enterprises that can bring employment and money to the regions that follow under them.  It is a way to avoid a recession similar to some recent ones that can last for 8 or 9 years.

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