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Planning for e-commerce

18 / Oct / 2011

Jumping to the internet stands as a great opportunity for increasing sales and reaching to broader audiences. The initial impulse is to start using the net with the same criteria we would use offline or just think that e-commerce consists in “I only need an online store. That’s it”. This is not essentially wrong. That impulse can make you launch a successfull online business, even if the start is wrong. But it can be so wrong that our e-commerce project fails. And this failure can be avoidable with a little planning in advance.

We’ve made a short guide (in spanish) with some of the points that must be taken into account when doing e-commerce: products, look & feel and contents for SEO, logistics, storage, order management, billing and pricing, maintenance and online marketing.

Download checklist

Hope it helps you in your online strategy.


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