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Quality of content: Virgin America

26 / Sep / 2012

Video interactivo Virgin America
There’s a lot of audiovisual content available online. We all know that. What some producers do not seem to know is that the first filter for making people watch their content, recommend it, enjoy it and get the message is its quality.

We liked this production named Experience Virgin America.

The interactive experience itself is not extraordinary. A video is shown and it pauses a few times so that the viewer interacts with it by dragging a red ball (I guess they monitor and register the users’ behaviour to see how many people does that ;) and the video keeps on playing.

In other moments, some clickable hotspots appear over the video. When clicked, they show some of the additional services provided by Virgin America on their flights.

I suppose that the aim is to impact the viewer and make him feel that Virgin is fully into the 21st century. And that flying Virgin means that you have all the entertainment and connectivity services you may need. Services that you don’t find in other airlines.
Do you think that these campaigns are useful? Have you watched the whole video? How many viewers have done so?

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