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On hold

9 / May / 2016

We are publishing links and notes on our FB acocount. This blog remains as a historical archive.

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The final solution to make your videos viral

29 / Nov / 2012

A way to make your videos viral. It's a parody that, in the end, has a lot of things in common with the offers of some professionales yo

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Quality of content: Virgin America

26 / Sep / 2012

Great example of quality content created for Virgin America. The video is made with care and good taste so that a wider audience gets to the site. At the same time, viewers get the feeling of Virgin America as an airline immersed in the 21st century.

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Till youtube do us apart

12 / Sep / 2012

There are more and more apps using the CDN and video hosting platforms (youtube, vimeo, brightcove, ooyala...). These platforms require big investments and that's why we have to thank that they remain free. Till they force us to include advertising or manage to make us pay.

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Interactivity in esoterism and mistery videos

31 / Jul / 2012

Screenshot from I pet goat II. A candidate for interactive video

A video, by Heliofant, with 3D animations and references to ocultism, world order and power and religions that is a good candidate for interactivity

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Digital Product Placement: Including products and ads in post-production

29 / May / 2012

Product placment digital en Forrest Gump

Digital Product Placement is a qualified partner for interactive video solutions. We bring you here a couple of videos that show how you can include products and ads on videos in post-production stages

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Zapping with your hands

27 / May / 2012

Leap Motion techonology for remote controlling

Different interfaces and devices for managing the TV: corporate movements or tablets? Searching for the ideal controller.

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Advertising Interactive Video. Nike on youtube

24 / May / 2012

Interactive Video by Nike on youtube. It mixes video and games in an experience where you have to click on the video and discover extra content

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Interactive Video for documentaries

22 / May / 2012

An example of interactive video made by our friends at videoclix for Discovery Channel

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On html5 video at Devup by Ideateca

30 / Apr / 2012

Conference by Patrick H Lauke, from Opera, on html5 video. Made at the html5 Devup by Ideateca on April 2012.

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